Maltese Crosses

Created by the talented hands of the jewelry artisans at Gennaro Jewelers, Fire Department Maltese Crosses are made in thousands of possible designs and combinations. Gennaro Jewelers, serving first responders since 1923, has customized Maltese Crosses for individual fire departments throughout the United States, to their complete satisfaction. Maltese Crosses are available in precious metals such as luxurious Yellow Gold, White Gold in 14k &  10k, and beautiful Sterling Silver. The metal choice will determine the price of the Maltese  Cross and a Sterling Silver Maltese, which starts at a very affordable price.The old world craftsmen at Gennaro Jewelers can create your unique personalized stunning Maltese Cross. The Maltese can have the initials of your fire department, your badge number, chiefs horns, captains horns, rescue hatchets, diamonds or even ruby’s! The possibilities are endless and only limited by your imagination or the talents of our award-winning jewelry designer. These Maltese Crosses are 3-D, curved, detailed miniature badges with great detail…not to be confused with cheaper 2-D flat badges sold elsewhere on the internet. These craftsmen take great pride in providing QUALITY handmade designs…since 1923!

Maltese Crosses by Gennaro Jewelers
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